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Missions of Government


Agro-Pastoral sector

  • Implement an ambitious agricultural policy by developing our traditional productions;
  • Develop a new strategy to revive to our animal industries, fisheries and livestock;
  • Provide our farmers with new opportunities, including participation in the reconversion of the plantain sector, exploitation of marshland for off-season products.

Economic sector

  • Complete our investment charter to make it attractive;
  • Design a large-scale industrial policy;
  • Strictly execute the investment budget;
  • Finalise the privatisation programme;
  • Actively participate in new forms of economic cooperation developed through globalization (NEPAD,  TICAD);
  • Promote the transformation of our raw materials;
  • Seek funding to complete road projects that have been started;
  • Seek funding for the construction of the second bridge over the Wouri river;
  • Systematize public-private collaboration in a bid to achieve a win-win partnership.

Education and training sector

  • Submit report on studies with a view to creating new university institutes;
  • Boosting research to ensure that its findings are applied to development;
  • Conclude the reflection on the revaluation of teachers' condition;
  • Finalize the recruitment of part-time teachers;
  • Intensify on-going actions to ensure equal opportunities and access into the professional world;
  • Raise the level of education of the majority of our people;


  • Defend our national sovereignty relentlessly through a policy of peace and good-neighbourliness;
  • Develop all forms of bilateral and multilateral cooperation with our foreign partners;
  • Fight for the strengthening of the sub-regional cooperation;
  • Strengthen the peace camp within the community of nations;
  • Support the action of international organisations, namely the African Union and the United Nations.

Health sector

  • Create new health centres;
  • Increase prevention campaigns of certain pandemics and pursue the reduction of healthcare cost;
  • Launch new vaccination campaigns;
  • Prepare the whole population to face the risk of disease;
  • Modernize hospitals;
  • Recruit new health personnel;
  • Strengthen the fight against AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

Security sector

  • Combat terrorism and eradicate all forms of insecurity;
  • Defend our territorial integrity relentlessly;
  • Ensure the modernization of our armed forces.

Finance sector

  • Make the Douala stock exchange the first money market in the sub-region;
  • Continue the improvement of public finance;
  • Reorientate the relations with international financial institutions and cross the completion point of the HIPC initiative;
  • Recapitalize the Postal Savings Bank;
  • Ensure the progressive payment of domestic debt;
  • Ensure the effective use of HIPC funds and review the methods they are raised;
  • Ensure the regular payment of salaries and pensions.

Basic infrastructure sector

  • Complete the rehabilitation of the Wouri bridge;
  • Complete public projects that have been started;
  • Construct the second bridge over the Wouri river;
  • Facilitate access to water and electricity to the majority;
  • Implement short-term measures to put an end to power outages permanently;
  • Implement medium and long-term actions to develop our power infrastructure;
  • Implement an energy programme to suit our current needs on the basis of our hydroelectric and natural gas potential;
  • Continue the construction of basic infrastructure such as roads, bridges, etc.
  • Frist session of the National Road Board.

Sports, culture and communication sector

  • Create conditions for a rapid development of New Information and Communication Technologies;
  • Define a sports policy that is up to standard with the notoriety of our country;
  • Develop our cultural industries (music, cinema, theater, dancing, editing, fashion);
  • Make radio and television information accessible to the largest part of the country.

Tourism sector

  • Provide new impetus to our tourism.

Institutional sector

  • Accelerate the implementation of decentralization;
  • Complete the establishment of the Audit Chamber to combat corruption;
  • Set up and structure the Services of the Mediator of the Republic;
  • Put in place the Constitutional Council;
  • Establish the  Senate;
  • Pursue the implementation of the good governance programme;
  • Rigorously identify the electorate;
  • Reform public administration so that it should be closer to citizens and guarantor of general interest.

Social sector

  • Improve the purchasing power of the underprivileged;
  • Ensure that women are better represented in our institutions and administration;
  • Draft a three-year national investment programme;
  • Make effective the social housing programme;
  • Introduce the granting of aid by Government to SME/SMIs
  • Fight against unemployment with emphasis on women and youth through the establishment of a national action plan for youth employment;
  • Continue efforts to improve women’s conditions.
Cameroon in brief

Capital City : Yaounde
Area : 475 442 km2
Population : 23 739 218 hab. (2015)
Currency : Franc CFA BEAC (XAF)