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Minister of Trade

THE MINISTER OF TRADE is in charge of preparing and implementing Government policy on trade.

He is therefore, responsible for:

- the elaboration, implementation and assessment of promotion strategies for Cameroonian products;

- price preparation, regulation and monitoring implementation in collaboration with relevant ministries;

- the regulation of the provision of widely consumed goods in collaboration with other relevant ministries;

- the search for new markets for Cameroonian goods;

- the promotion and defence of a quality label for products consumed locally and for export;

- the promotion and control of fair competition;

- the negotiation and follow-up of the implementation of trade agreements in collaboration with the Ministry of External Relations;

- the promotion of competitiveness of Cameroonian products in foreign markets;

- the application of administrative sanctions in case of fraud or non respect of standards set without prejudice to the competence of other administrations;

- the organisation and supervision of trade fairs;

- monitoring international trade of raw materials and derived products in partnership with the relevant ministries;

- the follow-up of the application of import standards in collaboration with administrations concerned;

- the monitoring of inflation with relevant ministries;

- monitoring conservation and distribution circuits for consumer products;

- Monitoring the preparation and implementation of standards of measuring instruments and quality control in partnership with other administrations;

- monitoring relations with international organisations working in international trade in collaboration with relevant ministries;

- monitoring the preparation and homologation of presentation, conservation and distribution standards for consumer products and respects for standards by economic stakeholders in partnership with other administrations;

- Monitoring trade negotiations with the European Union in partnership with the Ministry of External Relations.

He serves as link between Government and the World trade Organisation (WTO).

He ensures the technical supervision of:

  • the Consumer Product Supply Regulatory Authority (MIRAP);
  • the Hydrocarbons Prices Stabilization Fund (CSPH);
  • the National Cocoa and Coffee Board (ONCC).
Cameroon in brief

Capital City : Yaounde
Area : 475 442 km2
Population : 23 739 218 hab. (2015)
Currency : Franc CFA BEAC (XAF)