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Division of Infrastructure and Public Contracts


Technical Adviser, Head of Division

Chargés de Missions

Mr. ATANGANA TABI Alain Bernard


Missions :

The Division of Infrastructure and Public Contracts is responsible for the follow-up of technical files within the framework of the implementation of Government policy in the fields of infrastructure, mines, posts and telecommunications, information and communication technologies in liaison with the Division in charge of communication, as well as issues related to public contracts.

In this capacity, it is responsible for the processing and follow-up of files relating to the following activities:

  • road, port, airport and railway infrastructure;
  • public transport;
  • public works;
  • water and energy;
  • mining, oil exploration and exploitation;
  • State property and surveys in liaison with the Directorate of Administrative Affairs and Petitions;
  • town planning and housing;
  • infrastructure security;
  • posts, telecommunications and ICT;
  • activities of NEPAD in relation with DEPBF;
  • urban roads;
  • studies and reforms relating to public contracts;
  • recourse and arbitration in public contracts;
  • all matters relating to public contracts in all cases where the services of the Prime Minister are involved.


The Division of Infrastructure and Public Contracts monitors more generally the activities of ministries in charge of town planning, urban development, housing, water, energy, postal services, telecommunications and ICT, transport, public works, public contracts, as well as organizations placed under the supervision of these Administrations. It also gives opinions on any draft instruments submitted to the Prime Minister, related to its field of competence.

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