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Division of Government Information and Communication Coordination (DICCG)

Chargé de Missions

Missions :

The Division of Government Information and Communication Coordination is responsible for the steering and coordination at the interministerial level, of Government communication, monitoring and analysis of the evolution of public opinion and major trends in media handling of Government action, public information on the Prime Minister’s activities, and analysis and monitoring of the implementation of the Government’s communication policy.

In this capacity, it is responsible for the processing and the follow-up of files relating to the following activities:


  1. In terms of information:
  • information of the Prime Minister, Head of Government;
  • permanent monitoring and analysis of information on Government action in the audiovisual media, print media both inside and outside the Internet and on the Internet and social media;
  • periodic studies of the content of the media and the impact of Government communication on media and Internet opinion;
  • analyzes and opinion studies as needs in relation to current affairs and Government action;
  • the press relations of the Prime Minister;
  • administration and management of the contents of the Prime Minister's Office website and Government action;
  • the management in social media of the Prime Minister’s interaction with Internet users;
  • the centralization and analysis of major trends in the processing of information on Cameroon in the audiovisual media and on the Internet, on which it makes proposals for appropriate responses;
  • targeted dissemination of information;
  • relations with the national and international media.


  1. In terms of communication:
  • studies of issues relating to public freedoms in the field of communication, in relation to the Division of Public and Institutional Affairs;
  • analysis and follow-up of the implementation of the Government communication and ICT policy, in conjunction with DIMP, with regard to the last aspect;
  • monitoring of communication and advertising activities;
  • the definition of Government communication thrusts;
  • coordination of actions to promote Government image and activities;
  • the coherence of Government communication;
  • dissemination of information on Government activities to the press and the public;
  • monitoring the execution of the Government communication programme:
  • the steering of interministerial information campaigns of general interest in liaison with the ministries concerned:
  • the preparation of publications in connection with the Documentation Service, the Reprography Service and the relevant sectoral divisions.


The Division of Government Information and Communication Coordination monitors the activities of the Ministry in charge of communication as well as the organizations under the administration of this ministry. It also gives opinions on any draft instrument submitted to the Prime Minister, relating to its field of competence.

Cameroon in brief

Capital City : Yaounde
Area : 475 442 km2
Population : 23 739 218 hab. (2015)
Currency : Franc CFA BEAC (XAF)