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Prime Minister launches Centenary of the ILO

Celebrations marking the centenary of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) have been launched with a call to provide decent work, living standards and sustainable development for all.
The call came from Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute as he presided over activities to mark one hundered years of the International Labour Organisation.
Holding under the patronage of President Paul Biya, the 100 yearrs of the ILOis the culminatiom of a process that began in 2015 with a report on the future of work and recommendations on how to achieve social justice in the twentieth century.

As the ILO clocks one hundred years, celebrations chaired by Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute  was not just an opprtunity to review events that have marked the history of cooperation between Cameroon and the United Nations oldest specialised agencyto examine how far the country has conformed to the organisation's objectives to promote social justice, decent labour and sustainable peace. As reiterated by the Head of Government, the social vision of the Head of State during his seven year  term of great opportunities will be to strengthen the social security system and to work towards improving working and living conditions for all Cameroonians a vision which is in line with ILO goals with which the country longs for an even more dense, fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation, even becoming more intensified for the promotion of decent work and social justice. As pointed out by the representatives of the employers association, the workers' union and the ILO, countries must equip themselves to understand and respond to the changes in the world of work and to give leadership in the global challenge of ensuring decent work for all womwn and men.
In this centenary year, emphasis should be laid first on capacity building of human resources. Increase of investments in Labour market institutions and increase in the investment on decent work.
The concensus is that it will be done through regular and participatory social dialogue at all levels. This will result in the setting up of a national strategy on the future of labour in Cameroon with the aim of promoting decent labour for all.
A report on the activities at the national level was presented to the assembly as well as a review of the seven centenary objectives.

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