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State & Regional Development
[ 01.08.2013 ] [A la une, Administration territoriale]

Legislative and municipal convened for 30 September 2013

The President of the Republic, S. E. Paul Biya called the electorate for the legislative and municipal elections this July 2, 2013.[more]

[ 23.04.2013 ] [A la une, Administration territoriale]

African Union says Cameroon's first ever Senate elections were all managed.

After heading the African Union (AU) delegation on mission to Cameroon to observe the Senatorial elections the previous day, His Excellency Edem Kodjo paid a courtesy visit to the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Philemon Yang on Monday the 15th o[more]

[ 23.08.2012 ] [A la une, Aménagement du territoire, Travaux publics, Infrastructures]

Official opening of Ayos-Bonis highway by Prime Minister, Head of Government

The Ayos-Bonis highway was Thursday, 23rd August 2012, officially opened by the Head of Government, Philemon Yang as personal representative of the Head of State Paul Biya at the Bonis end of the inter-region, cross-border highway. [more]

[ 23.08.2012 ] [Travaux publics, Aménagement du territoire, A la une]

Ayos-Bonis highway: Prime Minister arrives in Bertoua for the inaugural

The Prime Minister, Head of Government, Philemon Yang, arrived in the headquarters of the East region, Bertoua just after sunset on Wednesday the 23rd of August 2012 in preparation for the offical opening of the Ayos-Bonis highway, billed for the fol[more]

[ 09.03.2012 ] [Administration territoriale, A la une, Justice]


The Prime Minister, Head of Government, His excellency Philemon Yang, on instructions of the Head of State, continued consultations on electoral reform in Cameroon, listening to more members of the diplomatic Corps in Yaounde, Thursday 8th March 2012[more]

[ 27.06.2011 ] [Réalisations du Gouvernement, Infrastructures, Urbanisme et Habitat, Aménagement du territoire, A la une]

The Olembe Apartment buildings will be ready for showcasing in August 2011

According to the Director General of the Public Real Estate company (SIC), Mr. Boniface Ngoa Nkou, the Olembe lodgings in the North of Yaounde will be open for purchase from August 2011. [more]

[ 28.06.2011 ] [Réalisations du Gouvernement, Infrastructures, Urbanisme et Habitat, Aménagement du territoire, A la une]

Low cost housing: a concret reality

Launched in May 2010, Model apartments are receiving finishing touches [more]

[ 18.02.2011 ] [A la une, Administration territoriale, Défense]

Bakassi: hostages freed

The Sub-divisional officer for Akwa, Kombo Abedimo and ten other persons taken hostage on the 6th February 2011 in the Bakassi Peninsula were freed on the 16th of February 2011. [more]

[ 03.01.2011 ] [Administration territoriale, A la une]

Decentralization process: Head of Government expresses satisfaction with work done so far

The second ordinary session of the National Decentralization Board held last December 30, 2010 in the Conference room of the Star Building under the chairmanship of H.E Philemon Yang, Prime Minister, Head of Government.[more]

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